Policies and Procedures





1.1       Mutual Commitment Statement


The goal of Farmasi US LLC (doing business as “Farmasi,” and/or referred to as “We,” “Us,” “Our,” or simply the “Company”) is to provide exceptional products and services to consumers. This is only made possible with the support of and passion by its members of the Farmasi sales organization (known as “Entrepreneurs”). To achieve sustained success as a business, Farmasi hereby pledges aid and support to all its Entrepreneurs in return for such mutual commitment by these Entrepreneurs to the Company in the effort to reach and support all interested consumers.


1.2       Purpose of Policies and Effective Date


A.            To clearly define the relationship that exists between Us and you, and to explicitly set a standard for acceptable business conduct, we now put forth these Policies and Procedures.


B.              As an Entrepreneur, you are required to comply with: 


·         All the terms and conditions set forth in the Entrepreneurs Agreement, which We may amend from time to time in Our sole and absolute discretion. 


·         All federal, state, and/or local laws governing your Farmasi business; and


·         Lastly, these Policies and Procedures.


C.            An Entrepreneur must review the information in these Policies and Procedures carefully. Should you have any questions regarding a policy or rule, we encourage you to seek an answer from your Sponsor (as defined in the Glossary of Terms herein). Should your Sponsor not provide the appropriate clarification, you may contact the Farmasi Compliance Department.


D.            These Policies and Procedures shall become effective as of January 3, 2019 (“Effective Date”).


1.3       These Policies and Procedures and the Compensation Plan Incorporated into the

             Entrepreneur Agreement


A.            Throughout these Policies, when the term “Agreement” is used, this collectively refers to the

Entrepreneur Agreement, these Policies and Procedures, and the Company Compensation Plan. 


B.            It is the responsibility of a Sponsoring Entrepreneur to provide the most current version of these

Policies and Procedures and the Company Compensation Plan to each applicant prior to any execution of an Entrepreneur Agreement.



1.4       Changes, Amendments, and Modifications


A.       Because federal, state, and local laws, as well as the business environment, periodically change, we reserve the right to amend the Agreement from time to time. Additionally, the Company may change and amend the prices on all its product at any time in the future. Please note, this provision does NOT apply to the arbitration clause found in Section 12, which can only be modified via mutual consent. 


B.       Any such amendment, change, or modification shall be effective immediately upon notice by one of

                        the following methods:


·         Posting on the official Corporate website.


·         Electronic mail (e-mail); or


·         In writing through Company newsletters or corporate communication channels.


C.       Understand that any continued business, ordering, acceptance of a commission or bonus payout, or

other benefit received by an Entrepreneur pursuant to this Agreement constitutes the acceptance of            

this Agreement in whole with all amendments. 


1.5       Delays


Farmasi shall not be responsible for delays or failures in performance of its obligations when such failure is due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control. This includes, without limitation, strikes, labor difficulties, transportation difficulties, riot, war, fire, and/or weather, curtailment of a source of supply, or government decrees or orders.




2.1       Becoming an Entrepreneur


As a Farmasi Entrepreneur, you will be a part of a team of passionate, driven, like-minded individuals,

all working towards the common goal of achieving emotional, personal, and financial success. To become an Entrepreneur, you must comply with the following requirements:


·         Be of the age of majority (not a minor) in your state of residence.


·         Reside or have a valid address in the United States or other U.S. territory.


·         Have a valid taxpayer identification number (i.e. Social Security Number, Federal Tax ID Number, ITIN, etc.).


·         Submit a properly completed and signed (via hard copy or electronic signature) Entrepreneur Agreement.


·         Not be a Farmasi employee, or the spouse or relative of a Company employee living in the

                same household; and


·         The purchase of a Farmasi Starter Kit.


2.2       Registration and Enrollment of an Entrepreneur


A.            You can submit your Entrepreneur Agreement through mail or the Farmasi website

(http://www.farmasius.com). The application must be received within five (5) business days of your enrollment for you to receive Entrepreneur benefits. If the Entrepreneur Agreement is not received within five (5) business days, your Entrepreneur account will remain on temporary hold until We receive the Agreement.


B.            A potential new Entrepreneur may also enroll on the Sponsor’s replicated website. Instead of a

physically signed Entrepreneur Agreement, we will accept the web-enrollment through the “electronic signature.” The electronic signature signifies that the new Entrepreneur has accepted the terms and conditions of the Entrepreneur Agreement, the Policies and Procedures, the Terms of Use, and the Compensation Plan. Please note that such electronic signature constitutes a legally binding agreement between you and the Company.


C.        Farmasi reserves the right to require signed paperwork for any account, regardless of origin.


D.          Signed documents, including, but not limited to Entrepreneur Agreements, are legally binding

contracts which must not be altered, tampered with, or changed in any manner after execution. False or misleading information, forged signatures, or alterations to any document, including business registration forms, made after a document has been executed may lead to sanctions, up to and including involuntary termination of an Entrepreneur’s Farmasi business.


2.3       Rights Granted


Farmasi hereby grants to you as an Entrepreneur the non-exclusive right, based upon the terms and conditions contained in the Entrepreneur Agreement and these Policies and Procedures, to the following:


·         The ability to purchase, sell and promote Farmasi products and services.


·         Sponsor new Entrepreneurs and Customers in the United States, building a sales

                organization and earning commissions of the personal and downline sales of Farmasi products.


2.4       Identification Numbers


A.            Each Entrepreneur is required to provide his or her Social Security Number, or Federal Tax

Identification Number, if located in the United States or any of its territories, to the Company on the Entrepreneur Agreement. We reserve the right to withhold commission payments from any Entrepreneur who fails to provide such information or who provides false information.


B.            Upon enrollment, we will provide you a Farmasi Identification Number. This number will be used to

place orders, structure organizations, and track commissions and bonuses.


2.5       Business Entities


A.            A corporation, partnership, LLC, or trust (collectively referred to as a “Business Entity”) may apply to

be an Entrepreneur. This Farmasi business and position will remain temporary until the submission of proper Business Entity documents. As examples of proper documents, we expect a Business Entity application to submit some of the following: Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, Partnership Agreement, or appropriate Trust documents. We must receive these documents within five (5) business days from the execution date of the Entrepreneur Agreement.


B.            An Entrepreneur may change his or her status under the same Sponsor from an individual to a

Business Entity so long as he or she complies with Section 2.5(A).


2.6       Independent Business Relationship; Indemnification for Actions


A.            As an Entrepreneur, you are an independent contractor, and not a purchaser of a franchise or

business opportunity. As a result, each Entrepreneur’s success depends entirely upon his, her or its own independent efforts.


B.            The Agreement between you and Us does not create an employer/employee relationship, agency,

partnership, or joint venture.


C.            An Entrepreneur shall not be treated as an employee of Farmasi for any purposes, including, without

limitation, for federal or state tax purposes. You are responsible for paying local, state, and federal taxes due from all compensation earned as an Entrepreneur. Any other compensation received by Entrepreneurs from the Company will be governed by applicable U.S. tax laws (or the tax laws of any other applicable jurisdiction). You as an Entrepreneur have no express or implied authority to bind Farmasi to any obligation or to make any commitments by or on behalf of the Company. Each Entrepreneur, whether acting as management of a Business Entity or represented as an individual, shall establish goals, hours, and methods of operation and sale, so long as in compliance with the terms of the Entrepreneur Agreement, these Policies and Procedures and applicable state and federal laws.


D.            You are fully responsible for all your verbal and written communications made

regarding Farmasi products, services, and the Compensation Plan that are not expressly contained within official Company materials. Entrepreneurs shall indemnify and hold harmless Farmasi, its directors, officers, employees, product suppliers and agents from any and against all liability including judgments, civil penalties, refunds, attorney fees and court costs incurred by Farmasi as a result of an Entrepreneur’s unauthorized representations or actions. This provision shall survive the termination of the Entrepreneur Agreement.


2.7       Errors or Questions


If an Entrepreneur has questions about, or believes any errors have been made regarding commissions, bonuses, business reports, orders, or charges, the Company requires any inquiries by submitting a ticket through your Farmasi Back Office within thirty (30) days of the date of the error or incident in question. Any such errors, omissions or problems not reported within this thirty-day timeframe days is expressly waived by Entrepreneur.





3.1       Correct Addresses


A.            It is the responsibility of any Customer/Entrepreneur to ensure the Company has the correct shipping

address before the shipment of any orders. 


B.            For any notice of address change sent to the Company, a Customer/ Entrepreneur will need to allow

up to thirty (30) days for processing.



3.2       Training and Leadership


A.       Any Beauty Influencer who sponsors another Beauty Influencer into Farmasi must perform an authentic assistance and training function to ensure those made up of their downline organizations operate their business in accordance with these Policies and Procedures. Sponsoring Beauty Influencers should have ongoing contact and communication with those in their downline organizations. Examples of communication may include, but are not limited to, newsletters, written correspondence, telephone, contact, team calls, voice-mail, e-mail, personal meetings, accompaniment of downline Beauty Influencer(s) to Company meetings, training sessions, webinars and any other related functions.



·         Sponsors may strategically place newly enrolled Beauty Influencers anywhere in their organization up to the 4th generation during the new Beauty Influencer's first 15 days of enrollment. To make a placement change you must complete a Placement Change Form and submit it to the company. The Placement Change Form requires three signatures, the signature of the new Beauty Influencer, the signature of the new Sponsor and the signature of the current Sponsor making the request. If a Placement Change Form is received after a commissionable period, any orders made by a new Beauty Influencer will not be moved under the new Sponsor.


·         Farmasi may take appropriate action against a Beauty Influencer if it determines, in its sole discretion that, a Beauty Influencer neglects to train and assist their downline organization. Appropriate action may include, but not limited to, sponsorship change of the neglected downline members along with their respective downlines up to termination of their Beauty Influencer agreement and account.



B.       A Sponsoring Beauty Influencer should monitor the Beauty Influencer(s) in his or her downline organizations to ensure that downline Beauty Influencer(s) do not make improper product or business claims or engage in any illegal or inappropriate conduct. Upon request, a Beauty Influencer should be able to provide documented evidence to the Company of his or her ongoing fulfillment of Sponsor responsibilities.


C.       Upline Beauty Influencers are encouraged to motivate and train new Beauty Influencer(s) about Company products and services, effective sales techniques, the Company Compensation Plan    and compliance with these Policies and Procedures.


D.      The marketing and sale of products is a required activity in Farmasi and must be emphasized in all recruiting presentations. Moreover, we prioritize all Beauty Influencers to sell Farmasi products and services to Customers first and prospective and current Beauty Influencers second. 


E.       Use of Sales Aids. Creation of Farmasi sales tools is limited to 6% and above.  These Beauty Influencers must submit all written sales aids, promotional materials, advertisements, websites, and other literature to the Company for approval prior to use. Unless the Beauty Influencer receives specific written approval to use the material, the request shall be deemed denied. All Beauty Influencers shall safeguard and promote the good reputation of Farmasi and its products.  Once approved, Company reserves the right to incorporate the approved training material in its own promotional efforts.    




3.3       Constructive Criticism; Ethics


It is Our goal to provide you with a combination of exceptional products and a rewarding Compensation Plan. Accordingly, we value constructive criticism and encourage the submission of written comments addressed to the Company’s Compliance Department so long as such comments come by way of a respectful and in a productive manner. Negative and disparaging comments by Entrepreneurs made to others about the Company, its products or Compensation Plan, or disruptive behavior at Company meetings or events, serve no purpose other than to dampen the enthusiasm of all those who participate in the Farmasi business. Entrepreneurs must not belittle the Company, other Entrepreneurs, the Company products or services, the Compensation Plan, or Company directors, officers, or employees, product suppliers or agents. Such conduct represents a material breach of these Policies and Procedures and may be subject to sanctions as the Company sees fit. 


·          Farmasi endorses the following Code of Ethics:


·         Entrepreneurs must show fairness, tolerance, and respect to all people associated with Farmasi and Farmasi sales opportunity regardless of race, gender, social class, or religion. 


·         Entrepreneurs must contribute to and foster an atmosphere of positivity, teamwork, good morale, and community spirit.


·         Entrepreneurs shall strive to resolve business issues, including situations with upline and downline members through tact, sensitivity, and good will.


·         Entrepreneurs must be honest, responsible, professional and conduct themselves with integrity.


·         Entrepreneurs shall never disparage the Company, other Entrepreneurs, Company employees, product suppliers or agents, products, services, sales and marketing campaigns, or the Compensation Plan, or make statements that unreasonably offend, mislead, or coerce others.


Farmasi may take appropriate action against an Entrepreneur if it determines, in its sole discretion, that the Entrepreneur’s conduct is detrimental, disruptive, or injurious to the Company, other Entrepreneurs, or Farmasi Customers.


3.4       Reporting Policy Violation


An Entrepreneur who observes a policy violation by another Entrepreneur should submit a written and signed letter (e-mail will not be accepted) of the violation directly to the Company Compliance Department. The letter shall set forth the details of the incident as follows:


·         The nature of the violation and specific facts to support the allegation;


·         Number of occurrences and dates;


·         The Persons involved; and


·         Any other supporting documentation


Upon presentation to the Company Compliance Department, we will research the incident in question and take appropriate action if necessary. This section refers to the general reporting of policy violations as observed by other Entrepreneurs for the mutual effort to support, protect, and defend the integrity of the Farmasi business and sales opportunity. If an Entrepreneur has a grievance or complaint against another Entrepreneur which directly relates to his, her or its Farmasi business, the procedures set forth in these Policies must be followed.


3.5       Sponsorship


A.       The Sponsor is the person who introduces a person, whether a Customer or an Entrepreneur, to the Farmasi business and helps them complete their enrollment, supports those in their downline, and continues to provide training and assistance for all those in their downline.


B.       The Company recognizes the Sponsor as the name(s) shown on the first:


·         Physically signed Entrepreneur Agreement on file; or


·         Electronically signed Entrepreneur Agreement from either the Company’s website or an Entrepreneur’s replicated website. 


C.       An Entrepreneur Agreement that contains notations such as “by phone” or the signatures of other individuals (i.e. Sponsors, Spouses, relatives, or friends) is not valid and will not be accepted by the Company.


D.      We recognize that each new prospect has the right to ultimately choose his or her own Sponsor, but We will not allow Entrepreneurs to engage in unethical sponsoring activities.


E.       All active Entrepreneurs in good standing have the right to Sponsor and enroll others into the Farmasi business. While engaged in sponsoring activities, it is not uncommon to encounter situations when more than one Entrepreneur will approach the same prospect. It is the accepted courtesy that the new prospect will be sponsored by the first Entrepreneur who presented a comprehensive introduction to the Company’s products or opportunity.


3.6       Cross Sponsoring Prohibition


A.            “Cross sponsoring” is defined as the enrollment of an individual or Business entity into a different

line of sponsorship who has already signed an Entrepreneur Agreement. Actual or attempted cross sponsoring is not allowed. If cross sponsoring is verified by the Company, sanctions up to and including termination of an Entrepreneur’s business may be imposed.


B.            The use of a Spouse’s or relative’s name, trade names, assumed names, DBA names, corporation,

partnership, trust, Federal ID numbers, or fictitious ID numbers to evade or circumvent this policy is strictly prohibited.


C.            This policy does not prohibit the transfer of a Farmasi business in accordance with the Sale or

Transfer policy set forth herein. 


3.7       Adherence to the Farmasi Compensation Plan


A.            An Entrepreneur must adhere to the terms of the Company Compensation Plan. Any deviation from

the Compensation Plan is strictly prohibited.


B.            An Entrepreneur shall not offer the Farmasi opportunity through, or in combination with, any other

system, program, or method of marketing other than that specifically set forth in official Company materials.